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Steam Train

*Non-Toxic & BPA Free*

Initially developed in the early 19th century, steam trains were one of the most important factors in the development of not only the world at the time, but the identity of the United States. Steam trains allowed for a quicker transportation of trade goods, people, information, and resources that the world at the time had never seen. In fact, when the technology became readily available in the United States, it became one of the U.S.’s largest industries second only to agriculture. Now you can be a part of this grand tradition with our Steam Train Toob!

We hope you have a ticket to ride, because we saved a seat just for you! Catch a ride on any of these train cars, including a steam engine, two passenger cars, three box cars, a log car, and a caboose, as well as a water tower and train station for added immersion.

Drive the steam engine cross country, or catch a not-so-legal ride as a stowaway in the cargo car! Whatever scenario you can imagine, these detailed, realistic, and individually hand painted steam figurines will bring it to life.

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